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...by 3 Bar Racing Inc.

Product Image 5W LED Bar Lights: set of two

5W LED Bar Lights: set of two


36 separate emitters per bar make these a truly blinding area light

6 inches long x 1.25 inches wide

Waterproof with auto grade adhesive backing, lets you mount them on any reasonably flat surface

WAY too bright for use in the vehicle (picture showing each LED is filtered).  You cannot look at these and see the emitters, without DARK sunglasses.  Looks like one big-ass light.

Suggested uses:

Off road lighting

World's brightest backup light

Side vehicle illumination for clearance checks or work tasks (such as digging out your buddy's tire)

Mount in tool kit, tire well, or under hood for excellent area lighting


Two per set, but they draw so little power, don't be afraid to put on multiple sets.