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About Us

Welcome to 3 Bar Racing: Home of Dawes Devices
Our Products:
     Will turn your turbocharged vehicle into a tire shredding torque monster! By improving your boost response, you can enjoy more area under the torque curve, which provides more power at any RPM.  Every product we offer has one purpose in mind; to allow your vehicle to meet its maximum potential without breaking your budget. With our products and instruction guides, you will enjoy maximum power without sacrificing daily drivability and reliability. From the WRX to the GT2 ---nothing works better than our race proven products!
Our Mission:
     To provide our customers, with the highest quality components and services, at the best possible prices. We sell only proven products that are easy to install and out-perform anything else on the market. Our customers are primarily racers who need tough components that stand up to the rigors of racing and provide the best performance available.  Need some flash for your ride---keep looking. But, if you are serious about performance and need serious products, we welcome your business!
For over 15 years, our customers keep coming back to us when they feel the need for speed!
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