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Product Image Now Shipping: MK II Multi-Boost Control System

Now Shipping: MK II Multi-Boost Control System


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Our MK II MBCS is out of test and we are happy to say, it costs less than the MK I!  

True multi-stage control for your turbocharged vehicle!
(Can be used with Nissan Patrol Controller, or our other Boost Controllers)

Applications: All turbocharged engines, including OBDII equipped applications
Price: $55 (includes full installation/use instructions and two-year warranty)
Purpose: To provide an effective dual stage controller with 3 Bar Racing performance, at 1/3 the price of the competition!
Our Multi-Boost Control System uses a premium quality solenoid to provide the user with two boost settings (may be "stacked" for 3 or more selectable levels). Used alone, it can switch between stock ECU-controlled boost and wastegate-level boost. Used with one of our boost controllers, you can switch between wastegate level boost and a new, fully-adjustable level. Adding a second boost controller will give you two, fully adjustable boost levels. Included with the MBCS is a premium 2-way solenoid, 12v illuminated rocker switch for activation, extra tee fitting, ty-raps, 76 cm of premium silicone hose and full installation instructions. We've tested our competitor's models and this unit out performs them and carries a superior warranty, for LESS!
Now you can launch hard, without losing traction! Then hit the high boost and blow by!
Also useful for reducing power in inclement weather or to save fuel!

You built the beast.....Let us help you control it!
(note: boost controller must be a ball/spring type. Will not work with bleed-type controls).

Still not convinced? Email us your questions at info@3barracing.com

Note: We reserve the right to ship red, blue, silver, or black silicone hose with this product.   Due to limited supplies, it is not always possible to keep red hose in stock.  If you would rather wait for red hose, please make a note in your order or email us.  Thanks!