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31 Mar

Now Accepting BitCoin!!

Posted by Darren Dawes

We are happy to announce that we are now accepting Bitcoin.  When ordering by Bitcoin, you will receive a 15% discount on your total order (not including shipping).  We believe that crypto currencies like Bitcoin are the way of the future and want to support the movement.  Email us at threebarracing@gmail.com to get your total, then return here and enter the amount by clicking the button below:

If you are unsure about how  Bitcoin works, check out the Wiki:


You can obtain Bitcoin at:

Coinbase.com and other outlets.


It's worth 20 min of your time, to learn about Bitcoin and get the discount! 


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22 Mar

The Launch of the new Dawes Devices site, by 3 Bar Racing Inc.

To streamline the order process and to offer club, forum and distributor discounts, we are launching a new store!  Since our products are constantly referred to as "Dawes Devices", we are renaming the line of 3 Bar Racing Products, produced by us, as "Dawes Devices, by 3 Bar Racing Inc".  We used the Dawes Devices name for years, but when it came time to incorporate, we renamed the company to "3 Bar Racing Inc".  But, it appears that the cache of the Dawes Devices name would not die!  So, I am proud to introduce our latest product line, under the Dawes Devices name.  

Note: due to some growing pains with the shop that machines part of the Dawes Device MK II Manual Boost Controller, it will not be available until late April.  Sign up below, to be notified when they are ready.  Thank you for your patience!

Stay Tuned,

Darren Dawes

3 Bar Racing Inc.