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23 Nov

30% OFF Dawes Devices Boost Gauges!

Posted by Darren Dawes

Before you start your Christmas shopping, get something nice for your loved one (I'm talking about your loved one with four wheels and a turbo)!  This week only, we are offering our remaining stock of Dawes Devices Boost Gauges at 30% off.  They come in two styles:

White Face with Green Illumination

Black Face with Red Illumination

Use the appropriate code below, for 30% off:



I am clearing 2013 inventory, so this is a one time deal.  The offer runs out on Saturday.  I do plan to get more of these in January, but those will be back at the normal price.

As always, free shipping under 10lbs, which pretty much means you can order a lot of stuff and not pay shipping. 


Thanks to all of our customers; we appreciate everything you do for us!



Darren Dawes





07 Jul

Corky Bell: Maximum Boost

    So, I get this question every now and then that goes something like, "is there a turbocharging 101 book"?  Or, somebody asks if I've considered writing a book on the subject.  Well yes, I HAVE considered it, but quickly realized that it would be hard to hold a candle to Corky Bell's book on the subject, Maximum Boost.  Corky literally wrote THE BOOK on everything turbo.  If you have a turbocharged vehicle, or are building one, you MUST check out this book.  Everything from sizing a turbo, to intercoolers, to bending tubing, to boost control.  It is written to be understandable if you are new to this, but also includes all the formulas and such to keep even the engineer interested.  You can read it in two evenings, but you'll re-read it a few more times!  Good stuff for us automobile geeks!

You used to be able to find it on the bookshelf of your local Barnes and Noble or Borders (at least here in the US), but those are getting thin on the ground.  However, you can still find it at Amazon(will try to put a link HERE, wish me luck!):

 I'm not sure if the link will let you actually PURCHASE the book if you are outside the US.  But, at least you can take a look and then try to find it locally, if you can't order it from Amazon.  Anyway, I highly recommend it!

--Darren Dawes

25 May

Using BitCoin to save another 15%

Posted by Darren Dawes

3 Bar Racing and Dawes Devices are happy to offer the choice of using Bitcoin for your purchases.  

When ordering by Bitcoin, you will receive a 15% discount on your total order (in ADDITION to any other discounts, including Distributor).  We believe that crypto currencies like Bitcoin are the way of the future and want to support the movement.  BitCoin allows us to offer additional discounts, due to the reduced transaction costs and ease of processing.

Email us at threebarracing@gmail.com to get your total, then return here and enter the amount by clicking the button below:

If you are unsure about how  Bitcoin works, check out the Wiki:


You can obtain Bitcoin at:

Coinbase.com and other outlets.


It's worth 20 min of your time, to learn about Bitcoin and get the discount! 


Pay With Bitcoin  

24 May

Group Discounts

Posted by Darren Dawes

Looking for a discount for your club, sub-Reddit, or forum?  We offer discounts of 5%, 8%, 10% and up, depending on volume.  Be the hero of your group by arranging a discount that everyone can use!  You will need to provide us with:

Your Club website, Sub-Reddit, or Forum

Your Handle/Name on the same

Initial discount will be 5%, but if your group maintains sales of 10 items per month, that discount will climb to 8%, 10%, and beyond.  However, it will never drop below 5%.

Email us at info@3barracing.com for details.

17 May

MK II Hybrid Upgrade Kits for TDI Patrol Customers

Posted by Darren Dawes

If you've purchased a Dawes Devices (aka Dawes Valve) for your VAG TDI or Nissan Patrol, we've got a new product for you.  On our Nissan products page, you can now purchase the stronger spring and ceramic ball as an upgrade!  We'll offer these at a very good price, for a short time only.  We want to make sure that everyone has a chance to upgrade their old MK I Boost Controllers and then they will go away.  Thank you everyone, for your support!

Darren Dawes

--3 Bar Racing and Dawes Devices