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14 Nov

Dawes Devices Needs Your Help

Posted by Darren Dawes

Dawes Devices and 3 Bar Racing Inc. are happy to announce our new Bounty Program!

If you've bought a Dawes Devices boost controller in the past, you can be compensated for writing a review.  If you like the products and would like to help us spread the word, we'll pay you for your trouble.  We only want honest reviews from people who would write us one anyway, but just haven't found the time.  Go to http://3barracing.com/bounty/ to learn about the easy ways to get some $USD PayPal love sent your way!


I have a Range Rover Classic fitted with a 200 tdi engine from a Discovery. I have an automatic transmission so decided to install a Vnt turbo to reduce lag. I sourced a turbo from an Audi A6 and modified it to suit my engine. I installed the Dawes boost controller as I didn’t want to use a normal turbo actuator. I wanted to keep the vacuum actuator. The Dawes valve works perfectly and with some easy adjustment has my jeep running better than ever. Top product and Darren very helpful.

Posted by Christian on December 18, 2015

I love your product and been using it for years already. I actually installed a bunch of your products with my friends ZD30 engines. Tho I’ve read some comments with the old spring having dawes bounce and with new spings having the ball stuck inside the spring but I have not encountered any of the two.
I belive that if you could make a new spring with the diameter of the first model and the spring rate of the second model then that would solve the problem.
Some patrollers are shifting to the manual boost (actuator replacement) instead of yours. When they encounter problems, support is not that easily accessible unlike those that use your product. There are only a handfull of us here in our country that are members of the Nissan Patrol Club of The Philippines (NPCP) that installs and provide support for those that we installed your product.
One major advantage of Dawes/Needle valve combo is that we can tune it to our needs on the go unlike the actuator replacement wherein they can only set it once or have re tuned at a shop.
My only comment is if you could provide a longer hose that come with the package.
Keep up the good work Sir.


John Pimentel

Posted by Rodolfo E Pimentel, Jr on November 17, 2015

Very happy with performance. Have fitted to 2002 Nissan Patrol 3Lt Di and set to 16.5 pounds. Putting another vehicle on road and will buy again.

Posted by Jim Lennox on November 16, 2015

Here at my shop we convert Vanagons to Turbo Diesel engines. The Dawes Device makes using a reliable VNT turbo easy. Thanks!

Posted by Jeff on November 16, 2015

Personally I am not a review writer however when the 3bar racing Dawes valves were fitted to our 2003 Nissan patrol 3.0 zd30 yep the grenade engine, wow what a difference not just only in overall performance the turbo boost was stablised it’s a different 4×4 now. I would think if company’s like Nissan ect take the time to utlise the expertise of the guys at 3 bar racing a lot problems can be avoided and build a relationship with 3bar racing with further tuning out of the factory. I hope to see 3 bar racing logos sitting beside nismo ect. Guys keep doing what you do.

Posted by Grant smith on November 15, 2015

Perfect device, inexpensive, easy to install and to adjust, works as expected even in harsh conditions (offroad rallies).

Posted by Andras on November 15, 2015

I have two Dawes Valves on my Nissan Patrol Common Rail Diesel. The first limits the boost pressure to 16 psi for normal running, I also use one, switched by a Dawes electric solenoid, that limits boost to 8 psi for long distance cruising, It saves me about 2 litres per 100KM!

Posted by Tony Parmiter on November 15, 2015

The Dawes Boost Controller valve that we have fitted to my 02 3.0 lt Nissan Patrol wagon has removed all the over boosting issues we had and definatley saved the motor from self destruction I highly recomend a Dawes Boost Controler for this application

Posted by Kelvin Ferrier on November 14, 2015

Driving a Nissan patrol with the ZD30 motor ( grenade) I fitted a Dawes manual boost controller and a needle valve. The Dawes device has enabled me to control my boost . I have had it fitted now for 4 years and have never needed to adjust it. Great service great device. Would recommend to anyone who needs to control their boost.

Posted by john whimpey on November 14, 2015

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