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...by 3 Bar Racing Inc.

12 May

Are You a Dawes Device Installer?

Or would you like to be?  We are currently setting up web pages on dawes-devices.com and 3barracing.com, to list our distributors and installers.  The purpose is to help our customers find shops that will perform their boost controller installation, as well as local distributors.  If you fit currently fit that description (or plan to), please email me at threebarracing@gmail.com and let me know to include your shop!  Please include:

the name of your business

the address (incl country)

phone number and email for customer contact

a link to your landing page (consider using a page that you can track with analytics, so you can see how many people we are sending)

your logo or trademark

...anything else you deem relevant, such as company history, mission statement, favorite beer, etc.

   We'd also like to know if you are willing to assist with a boost controller that a customer purchased directly from us, or if you'd rather they purchase through your shop.  No preference is given in either case, I just want to make sure the customers know what to expect.  All businesses will be listed by the first letter in the business name.  Numbers and the letter "A" don't count, so you can't just call yourself "A1" Boost Controller Install Shop to get at the top ;-)

   For the rest of you who don't have a business, but read this far, here is a discount code to share with your buddies.  Have them enter "10forMay" at checkout, to get 10% off their order, throughout the month of May.  If you need a new boost gauge or maybe want to set up a dual stage system, you too can use this code!  

Thanks for the being a customer of 3 Bar Racing and Dawes Devices!


Darren Dawes

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