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25 May

Using BitCoin to save another 15%

Posted by Darren Dawes

3 Bar Racing and Dawes Devices are happy to offer the choice of using Bitcoin for your purchases.  

When ordering by Bitcoin, you will receive a 15% discount on your total order (in ADDITION to any other discounts, including Distributor).  We believe that crypto currencies like Bitcoin are the way of the future and want to support the movement.  BitCoin allows us to offer additional discounts, due to the reduced transaction costs and ease of processing.

Email us at threebarracing@gmail.com to get your total, then return here and enter the amount by clicking the button below:

If you are unsure about how  Bitcoin works, check out the Wiki:


You can obtain Bitcoin at:

Coinbase.com and other outlets.


It's worth 20 min of your time, to learn about Bitcoin and get the discount! 


Pay With Bitcoin  

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